Conqur Endurance Group becoming a nonprofit

Conqur Endurance Group becoming a nonprofit

By May 11, 2019 Conqur

Since taking over the Los Angeles Marathon 11 years ago, Frank McCourt’s goal has been to convert it to a non-profit to maximize the race’s ability to give back to the community and to support its growth among elite marathons. During the last decade the race was transformed from a financially struggling regional event to a profitable, world-class marathon on an iconic Stadium to the Sea race course.

We are pleased to be merging with The McCourt Foundation to complete the transition to a non profit. The same team that has managed the Los Angeles Marathon for the last 11 years will continue to operate the race and Conqur Endurance Group’s other events (Pasadena Half Marathon at the Rose Bowl, Santa Monica Classic and the LA Roadrunners) right here in LA, and this transition will help Conqur reinvest more in our community.

Rather than simply convert Conqur to a stand-alone non-profit, McCourt recognized that combining Conqur and The McCourt Foundation would build upon the great legacy of The McCourt Foundation and create a much more expanded platform. Conqur produces powerful world-class races. The McCourt Foundation is a powerful force organizing people to use sports events for a bigger purpose.

The combination of Conqur and The McCourt Foundation will be able to expand and provide expertise and financial resources on a larger platform. By bringing the resources of TMF — and its non-profit mission — to LA, the Marathon will be able to increase its year-round presence in the community, bolstering its educational and outreach programs and reaching more Angelenos. At the same time, by growing the prestige and size of the Marathon our impact and mission will expand comparable to peer events in NY and Boston.

Social entrepreneurs will now have a new kind of partner for social impact. Our vision is to build an engine that will allow many people and many organizations, in multiple communities, to self-organize–to use sports and events to improve their communities and their lives—to building a healthier Los Angeles and a healthier world.”